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Some of the Points Jonna and Craig Discussed

For the dad who loves to be on top of the latest tech trend the latest crop of netbooks make relatively new laptops look big and dated.† The HP Mini 1000 XP is less than an inch thick and weighs just a tad over two pounds but has such functionality for a mini.

  • Crisp 8.9 inch diagonal display
  • Built in webcam
  • Comfy, nearly full sized keyboard
  • Plus XP operating system
  • 300
  • www.hp.com
www.strandbooks.com/app/www/p/bbtfoot.† One of the book experts on their staff custom assembles a collection of books in any genre---biography, mystery, bestsellers, classics and puts a stack together for your dad.†
  • Prices start at $10 per foot (a 12 inch stack) and top out at $400 for antique leather-bound editions
  • Number of books per foot varies
Dadís often find themselves doing home improvement projects that require an extra set of hands to hold the flashlight.† If this sounds familiar, try out at Stanley Tools tripod style flashlight. † For the BBQ guru who has everything, keep him on top of food trends with a grill kit for mini burgers.† Known as sliders, these mini burgers are all the rage in restaurants now and dad will love firing up the grill to make them too. If your dad hasnít met a cell phone that he hasnít broken, the Samsung Rugby phone might just break his streak.
  • It was built to what the company calls military specs, meaning it can withstand shock, rain, humidity and extreme heat or cold
  • It can even be run over by a car and survive
  • In terms of tech perks, it can share videos which means you can stream live footage during a phone call.
  • $130 with a two year contract
  • www.wireless.att.com
† If you havenít seen your dadís face in years because itís always blocked by his trusty camera, it might be time to update him to a new Ultra MinoHD Flip Phone.† Itís ridiculously easy to use and the video quality is incredible.

About Jonna

Jonna Gallo is Articles Director of Family Circle, one of the countryĻs largest circulation monthly magazines (3.8 million circulation and 21 million readers) and an Adweek ≥Hot List≤ pick in 2008 and 2009. The magazine provides smart advice, sensible solutions and inspiration for the parents of teens and tweens in a voice that encourages and celebrates success.

Jonna came to work at Family Circle in 1992 as an intern, placed through the American Society of Magazine Editors summer program. She was hired as an editorial assistant after graduation and worked her way up the masthead, holding such positions as assistant editor, researcher/reporter, staff writer, senior writer and senior editor. She primarily covers technology, personal finance and parenting.

A 1993 graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University, Jonna resides in City Island, New York, with her family.

About Family Circle

Published 15 times a year by Meredith Corporation, with a circulation of 3.8 million and 21 million readers, Family Circle is one of the most widely read monthly magazines in the world. Family Circle provides smart relevant advice, sensible solutions, and inspiration in a voice that encourages and celebrates success in its pages and online at www.familycircle.com.† Family Circle has always been committed to womenís issues and in 1973 became the first womenís magazine to fully underwrite a professional womenís sporting event, the Family Circle Cup, an annual womenís tennis tournament held in April in Charleston, S.C., at Family Circle Magazine Stadium.